Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Liberty Dollar Seller Looking Forward To Big Ebay Payday

A Ron Paul Gold Dollar being auctioned on Ebay has so far been bid up to $1800 and may fetch as much as $3000 by the time the auction closes on Wednesday evening.

by Walt Thiessen - (Libertarian)

John Dean of Austin, TX is a Liberty Dollar owner who is preparing to reap the rewards of having invested in hard money. As of Nov. 15th, no more Silver Liberties will be produced by Liberty Services, formerly known as NORFED, Inc., who were raided by the US Government. All their dies, metals, money, computers and records were confiscated by the FBI with a total combined value in the tens of millions of dollars. Dean realized that his latest, paid order for some copper Ron Paul coins was also confiscated and would likely have to be written off as a total loss. Said Dean:

"I had a very large order for the Ron Paul copper dollars, and I already have a large quantity of silver and gold coins, and even one platinum, so I wanted the whole set. Besides thinking that I'm not going to ever see those copper Liberties again, I wanted to take advantage of the obvious hyper-inflated value or [my coins]. So I was willing to try my luck on the market by auctioning those."

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