Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A comment from a concerned American

This message was received 5 days ago on 11/15:

I have spent the evening listening to the radio about people's concerns about what is going on with the liberty dollar. I have seen the email delivered to liberty dollar associates by Bernard Von Nothaus. This is the outrage of outrages. It is equivalent to the government confiscating all the gold held by people in 1933. How can we be certain that this gold, silver and platinum will be kept safe and that all will be returned when the time comes for the silliness to end? We cannot. These precious metals were stolen, per and simple. Those in charge of this raid AND those who took part in it should all be held accountable. More worrisome, however, is what this is the precursor of? Glen Beck has publicly accused Ron Paul supporters of being home grown terrorists. Will I have to worry about being arrested as a terrorist, thrown in jail, not allowed any phone calls, not allowed to tell my family where I am, not be allowed a trial for years, and maybe even be tortured simply because I have a Ron Paul sticker in the rear window of my car? Will something happen, a false flag attack, an action of war against Iran, the beginning of something bigger, that will cause the elections to be canceled and Marshall Law declared? This action against the people of the United States is ominous. Those in power will not go quietly, even if they are voted out.

Let's all pray for peace and justice.

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